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Practice Areas

Our interest is to watch over the interests of our clients, to offer the legal assistance they require with the necessary practical knowledge to solve their personal or business needs.
To guarantee a multidisciplinary service to our clients, we are associated with a list of professionals in other areas, that complement our legal knowledge with other business activities.
We advise hotel and real estate tourism projects in the required processes for start operations. We accompany our clients throughout the course of these projects and into daily operations, providing legal support in the contract area, negotiations, obtention and maintenance of applicable permits, labor areas and litigation. We have extensive experience advising hotels and real estate tourism projects in all the operational and permitting processes required to operate in the Dominican Republic, including obtaining tourist exemptions granted by Confotur through Law 158-01 and its modifications. In the same way, we advise private clients who want to invest in Tourism, either as an investor or property acquirers, including an evaluation of their individual cases to verify if they apply to exemptions granted by the sector as well as to guide them in the course of the Dominican business.
We have extensive experience in advising in project finance (of all different types) actively intervening in all process phases, including formalization of the financing agreements and guarantees. We have extensive experience in legal advice for tourism and real estate financing projects.
Project Financing
We are experts in real estate transactions, and we know the in-depth regulations of real estate law in the Dominican Republic.

We work hand in hand with surveyors in measurement processes required over the land. We execute due diligence on the properties to inform about the status of real estate in the Dominican Republic.
Real Estate
Legal Frame has active experience in obtaining the necessary permits to initiate activities and to continue operations in the tourism sector: hotels, restaurants, water parks, spas, tourism-related services, public health authorizations for recreational areas.

We also offer the services of obtaining permits and no objections related to activities within the health sector (health records, enabling spaces related to health, among others) and the free zones sector (including all procedures for their incorporation and operation in the Dominican Republic, renewal, and maintenance of permits and authorizations required by their regulatory entity (CNZFE).
Tourist Permits, Free Zones and Health
We have vast experience in corporate advisory services for companies, including advising in the processes of acquisitions, mergers, and liquidation of companies. We provide corporate monitoring service of companies and assist them in the registration and protection of their intellectual property.

Good corporate governance is essential for the efficiency and good standing of companies. In this sense, we assist clients in the process of incorporating the most recommended practices for the good corporate governance of their companies. We collaborate and assist in their Shareholders Meetings, Boards of Directors and Committees, taking care of the drafting and management of documentation produced during those meetings.

We offer secretarial services for such corporate bodies and advise them, consequently assuming the functions inherent to said position, ensuring that the actions of its members are in accordance with the applicable regulations and corporate governance rules, also assisting in the drawing up of the meeting notes and corresponding minutes.
Comercial and Corporate Governance
In the business area, we specialize in all types of commercial contracts, focusing on the interest and objectives of the parties; we have excellent skills negotiating terms and conditions in order to get effective closings in favor of our clients.
Business and Contracts

As part of our portfolio, we offer advice in the area of technology law applied to service companies and Fintech, including aspects related to the protection of personal data, electronic commerce, contracting of technology services, and intellectual property.
Technology Law
We advise businesses in the development and monitoring of their compliance program in light of current legal provisions, to mitigate their risks of criminal liability, especially with regard to the recent Law No. 155-17 against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.
Compliance and Money Laundering
We carry out all kind of immigration procedures under Dominican Law. We also offer advice on the processes of obtaining all varieties of residence and entry permits to the United States and Spain.
We advise employers and workers in the proper management of their labor relationships, including the preparation and negotiation of labor contracts. We provide recommendations to terminate labor relationships and to effectively implement labor legislation in their operational activities; including implementation of contracting structures, advice on labor calculation of employment benefits, and acquired rights. We assist clients in labor disputes.
Labor Law
Our team has extensive experience in commercial, civil, real estate and labor litigation processes. In addition, we provide our services in conflict management and resolution processes through the use of alternative dispute resolution methods (mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and negotiations).
It is part of our daily actuvity to advise clients in all areas of civil law, especially in matters of civil liability (claim for damages and losses), resolution and forced execution of contracts, recovery of credits, real estate foreclosure, among others.
Civil Law

Our staff has extensive experience in handling sensitive issues that arise in the family environment, especially inheritance, wills, divorces, adoption processes, and childcare.

Family Law, inheritance, divorces